How to Clear Emotional Eating Blocks and Release Energetic Weight

Eliminate self sabotage and old patterns around food and self image energetically

Emotional Eating is Energetic

Research shows that about 75% of all of our eating is emotionally driven.

Your thoughts are energetic. Your feelings, belief and identity are all held energetically. Food cravings are also made of energy.

What are the hidden and ignored energetic cause around emotional eating? And how do you clear the blocks.? These energetic blocks prevent you from eating healthy and also prevent you from losing weight or staying on a diet.

So if you finally want to get rid of the emotional eating habits, the self-sabotage and food addictions keeping you from eating healthy or from losing weight, then keep reading...

And here's why.

First of all, I'm going to explain what emotionally eating really is, and why it happens.

Second of all, if you've ever started a diet or an eating plan to eat healthier, better or differently and it didn't work or you didn't stick to it, it's because there are certain patterns and programs that are holding you back.

Next, I will expose the diet myths that have existed over time, that are just not right.

And finally, I'll explain how to shift this so you can finally release the old patterns and programs that have been undermining and sabotaging your relationship with food.

The definition of emotional eating is eating to escape, numb, change, or amplify our feelings.

The definition of emotional eating by the Cleveland Clinic is eating to escape, numb, change, or amplify our feelings. This isn't always on a conscious level. In reality, it's very rarely on a conscious level. It's held at the unconscious level or the subconscious level.

It's commonly known as subconscious self-sabotage. You could be very determined to quit eating a certain food or stop a specific food pattern, but after a day or two or a week or more, you stop trying and revert to the old patterns.

This can also be seen as yo-yo dieting where you diet and you get to a weight you're very happy with, and almost immediately something happens and you go back to the old patterns and gain the weight right back again.

There's a Undeniable Link Between Food Addictions, Unconscious Eating and the Subconscious Mind

The NLP guru Tony Robbins, explains it like this. He says, self-sabotaging behavior often goes back to our core beliefs about ourselves. These are the beliefs that are often created in childhood. So if we don't believe we are worthy of love, success, or health and fitness, we sabotage our relationships, finances, and weight loss programs. (I copied this definition directly from Tony's Fire Walker page.)

These beliefs and programs and patterns are on the subconscious level. They show up in the area of food addictions according to Healthline as cravings, eating more than intended, eating until stuffed feelings of guilt, making up excuses, setting rules, hiding food intake, inability to quit.

And that's just a few examples. There's actually quite a few more. I'm going to say hundreds, but those are some major ones. And just to round this all out, the Mayo Clinic has an article on emotional eating and how it can sabotage your weight loss.

Self-sabotage can simply be conflict between what you want and what you have as a program in your subconscious mind or energy field.

Food/Diet Myths

There are some absolute myths in this field of weight, diet, and getting healthy.

The first on is that diets work. Now diets probably could work, can work, but the problem isn't necessarily the diet, it's the inability to stay on the diet.

It's the programming in the subconscious mind that sabotages the diet. So the myth is the diet's work because the problem really isn't the diet. The problem is the subconscious patterns and programs.

The next myth is that you just need to re restrict your calories and increase your exercise. If you do that, your body will take care of the rest. And Again, this may be true in theory and can probably work for a while. However, eventually the subconscious programs will come back because the problem is in the subconscious, not at the diet level.

And the third myth, and probably the most damaging is that -it's your fault.

You need more willpower. There's something lacking. You're not doing it right. Many people think like this and it becomes the next new diet. You begin to think I'll do it, it'll be easier, I'll be able to do this one. There's the intention of doing it right.

The problem is that you know what you want, but there are subconscious programming and energy blocks preventing you from achieving it.

Your Power is in Your Subconscious Mind and Energy Field

If you're familiar with subconscious work, then you'll know that the subconscious mind is your energetic power. That's what is going to be in control.

So if you're trying to start a diet or stay on a diet, start eating healthier, or quit eating a certain food, you need to change your patterns and past experiences. This means you need to work on the subconscious mind and energy field, first. If you don't, you've got the cards stacked against you.

It's very difficult to overpower the subconscious mind. Not impossible, but fairly close to impossible.

Most people try to overcome the past programs and patterns by sheer will power. However the real and lasting way to make the changes you want for yourself is by changing your subconscious programming and the energetic blocks. Quite honestly, most people don't think to work at this level, and they're working at the diet and the weight and exercise level. So they're trying to fix the results, but they're not getting to the core. Bruce Lipton, the leading author and speaker on epigenetics, cellular biology and quantum physics states on his website that "all of us got programmed when we were very young and the programs even started before we were born."

You can reprogram the subconscious mind and energy field, and clear the blocks

You can tell you have energy blocks by the results you get in your life. That's how they give themselves away.

By now you might realize that it might not be your fault. If you've been trying to change patterns and programs with the conscious mind, with your willpower, it's almost impossible to create lasting results.. The beliefs and patterns are all held at a deeper level in the subconscious, which is much more powerful and automatic. BUT, they can be changed.

Energetic Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Program

I've created a program that clears these blocks and it's called the Vibration Elevation System of Energetic Weight Loss and Emotional Eating.

And here's how it works.

The course is broken up into six weekly modules.
When you start in module one, the first thing we start clearing are the patterns, programs, and blocks around food.

We do this with these subliminal playlists.

Again, these playlists are behind music soundtracks that you can play in your car at work or wherever you choose.

If you're already familiar with my clearings, you know about the subliminal clearings behind the chimes. These playlists have music and each one clears about 20 blocks or patterns at a time.

They help you release the root cause of emotional eating

You can listen to them as much as needed. Each module has the each and every clearings listed out, so you know exactly what you're clearing.


There's a playlist subliminal soundtrack in each module. You just play the subliminal track during the week. You can listen as much as you want, put it on repeat, play it at night. There's no limit to how many times you can play this track.

There are playlists that clear over 140 food, self-image and weight blocks. So these are the programs, the patterns, the subconscious programming and beliefs that can keep you stuck. And they are set behind music tracks. So you don't hear the clearing itself, you just hear the music track. You can play them in your car, you can play them in your house at, at your office, wherever you want to listen and work on clearing these blocks. Nobody else will know that you're listening to a clearing track. You will not be clearing anybody else. This will be for you, but you can just play it in the background.

Hypnotic Meditations

Each module also has a hypnotic meditation to help you release stress, reset your energy, and actually go inside for answers. Now this you don't want to listen to more than a couple times during the week. These are powerful and you do need to be in a quiet place not driving because they are actual hypnosis or hypnotic-based sessions. So you won't want to be disturbed.


As you do these session, there is a workbook that goes along with the course. There's a one or two pages per week that you fill out to help you identify more blocks, more patterns so that you can clear them. You can do the course without the workbook, but I happen to think it is a great resource to find even more blocks so you can make bigger shifts and release more and more blocks.

Custom Clearing Track

There is a also a custom clearing track for your own specific or unusual blocks. If you find a block or a belief or an emotion that is not on one of the playlists, which you probably will, you can just listen to this track with the belief in mind and clear it. This is subliminal as well. But you will be directing the energy clearing yourself, which sounds harder than it is. You can definitely do it! And it will allow you to continue to clear.

Weekly Affirmation/Activations

Each module also has a specific affirmation with it that you focus on during the week. This is designed to help reinforce the clearings and to help get your subconscious mind more in line with your conscious mind.

These affirmations are to activate what you want to achieve.

As you incrementally release the blocks and the old patterns, you will gain the power to eat what you choose without the self-sabotage. And, you'll know how to instantly correct any time you over indulge or stray from your goal.

Without the old guilt or shame.



I've included two playlists from the Vibration Elevation Store to help you jump start the program.

First is a clearing track that's available on my website called

Addicted to Eating Clearing Session, that sells for $29, but free with this program today. If you find yourself eating just because you're bored or for no know reason, this clearing track can help you shift that pattern fast.

Release your craving for sugar and sweets with the Sugar Freedom playlist. This too sells for $29- in the Vibration Elevation Store, but is free with the Energetic Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Program.

In the event that this course isn't what you wanted or were looking for, no problem.
You have my personal guarantee that if it isn't right for you, you will get your money back.

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