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About Robin and Vibration Elevation...

Hello there, I'm Robin Yates, a hypnotherapist, Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher. I help students and clients uncover and rewrite their underlying (and often hidden) beliefs, emotions and life patterns and expand out into what they truly want to experience.

I began my training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy back 2006, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2012. I learned all about energy and energy work back in 2004 with Reiki Healing. Over the years I have had extensive training with hypnosis and addiction and is part of “The Addiction Project” and “Alcohol Freedom”.

Using hypnosis and energy work I've witnessed 100’s of clients let go of past underlying emotions and conditions, such as anger, anxiety, worry and fear, and take back their lives. The subconscious mind and energy is the key to the real root the issues, whether from childhood, a traumatic event, or even from a past life event.

There is a proven way to remove blockages from your energetic field.

For many of my clients, a step by step, personalized approach to creating what they want is the fastest
and easiest way for them to get the life changing transformation they desire. I currently offer these programs:

10 weeks to activating your confidence and competence as a healing practitioner.10 weeks to achieving your private healing practice.

While there are 10 weeks of coaching, we do cover a lot of topics and clear any obstacles blocking inner and outer mastery. We use hypnotic techniques to speed up the learning and implementation of the training and tools, and create a faster than average achievement of the end results.


My latest
online course

Advanced Energy Clearing,

I train energy practitioners to be proficient and successful. This course if for all levels, from beginning students who have never studied anything like this before, to seasoned energetic practitioners and therapists. This course can be used alone or with any other modality such as massage and bodywork, energy work and Reiki,
hypnosis, mediumship and intuitive counseling, traditional counseling and therapy, and just about any modality you can think of.

In this training, you will learn how to use energy healing to let go of past and present limitation and remove blockages. By learning to do clearings for others, this training will teach you to clear blockages and patterns that keep you from living your best life.

Current Projects: the Vibration Elevation Youtube channel, Everyday I choose an oracle card and do an energy clearing based on the card. These clearings, if you done one every day will help you raise your vibration easily and incrementally, in only 5 minutes a day.

I create a new energy clearing video every single day. You can also find a summary of all the videos here

Clearing Video Summary

Consulting: Sometimes there is just too much going on to try to do it all yourself and that is where I can jump in to help. Using NLP, Hypnosis and energy clearing together, we can find and eliminate the subconscious blocks and conflicts.
When you need help to figure out what is actually creating a problem, as you may only see the results and the effects of the problem in your life but may remain unsure or unaware of the cause.
This is where getting some outside help can make all of the difference to both discover what and why the problem exists and then to eliminate it.

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here: robin@vibrationelevation.com

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