What is Energy Clearing?

Everything is Energy

What is energy clearing and how can it help you? Negative emotions, old beliefs about yourself or life in general, lack and limitation, and any memories or negative feelings are energetic in nature. You can trace these negative states back to their energetic core and then clear them.

Energy Blockages are Stalled or Stuck Negative Energy and Patterns.

When someone has an energy blockage, there is negative energy in their energy body or subtle body preventing them from being their true self. This can be negative emotions, stress or anxiety or their perceptions of themselves and the world. It can be felt in their physical world and the physical body. Stagnant energy and negative thoughts can often be perceived in the aura or auric field, months or even years before the effects manifest in the physical body or physical world. Unwanted energy can me removed! By doing a space clearing, or energy cleansing session the negative energy can be cleared from a room or, space or physical location.

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Energy Centers and Chakras

When doing healing work or energy healing on a person, it's best to begin by clearing each chakra, or the energy centers of the body. We have 7 physical chakras and 8 other chakras outside of the physical body. Energy work will take the unwanted energy, negative thoughts and stagnant energy and remove it from the physical body.

Negative beliefs are another form of an energy blockage that keep you from living an empowered life. Many of the blockages are created or picked up from childhood and from the people who influenced you during this time. Parents, family members, teachers, friends and even strangers. It's not uncommon to have picked up beliefs from TV shows and movies!

Clear the Blocks to Feeling Free

When you are clear of old patterns and limitations from the past, you will be free to live in the present. This inner peace allows your true inner voice to present itself and assist you on your true path.

Energetic boundaries are important to practice and strengthen, especially if you are an empath and tend to pick up negative energy from other people or places. It's great to have a spiritual cleansing to release the old energy, but it's just as important to practice maintaining these energetic boundaries in daily life, and not pick up negative energy in the first place.

Remove the Blocks so you can Move Forward and Enjoy Your Life...

It's my experience that most people hold false beliefs about themselves and the world around them.
These blocks are what keep them stuck, unhappy and living below their full potential.

I'd like to help you achieve this state of clarity, inner peace and freedom from inner turmoil. There are many ways to do this, and I prefer using a combination of a few of them. My 3 go to modalities are Hypnosis, Energy Clearing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With these, it's possible to shift just about anything. If you would like to have a short introductory consultation with me to learn if this could work for your own situation, please

Robin Yates